Our Philosophy

At the Rohan Ricketts Academy, we believe that a soccer player at youth level will develop better and faster as a player and as a person if we create a fun, safe, open, and active learning environment, where each player is challenged at their own ability level and development age.


We encourage players to come up with the answers themselves and problem solve during our sessions and in-game situations. The retention of information that is given during our sessions is therefore far greater than if coached in a constant command style which in the long term, erodes self-confidence and creates self-doubt.

Our philosophy allows players to become creative, problem-solving individuals with the confidence to take on any given situation.  Many of these skill sets can be transferred to everyday life situations creating a confident person ready for anything life throws at them.

We have molded our philosophy and experiences into a progressive and age-specific soccer development program. Dominating 1v1 situations all over the field, progressing this to 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 is a big part of our PDP (Player Development Program). 

Every one of our sessions has a specific topic from our annual curriculum that will be incorporated with natural progression in all the following:

Warm-up (every player, ball each) 
Unopposed session 
Opposed session (incorporating a challenge/competition/game element) 
Small-sided games

Rohan Ricketts

My son has been training with Rohan for a year and the improvements were immediate. Rohan can determine the strengths and weaknesses of a player within a session and starts making improvements day one. 


Within the group he works with each player to ensure they are improving session to session. 


With his vast playing experience and being part of the academy system at the highest level he understands how to communicate with children of all ages and personalities. His knowledge of how to develop young players is amazing!


His infectious personality makes every session enjoyable and the kids feed off his energy.  


I would highly recommend Rohan if your son or daughter is looking to improve their game. 


Rohan is attracting the best young players for a reason.

Shaan & Aman (Dad)